Landscaping with Shrubs

landscapeShrubs are versatile plants. They can fill the landscape with color, shape, and texture. Here are some pointers when doing landscaping with shrubs:

1. When planting shrubs, consider their function (screen from neighbor, decoration, or windbreaker).

2. When combining shrubs, consider the nature of the plants, their ultimate height, and shape. Do not mix too many different shapes together. A combination of two may be enough.

3. If planted as hedges to define areas of the yard, it is better to plant one kind instead of mixing a variety of plants.

4. When planting next to a house, make sure shrubs complement the house. Do not use quick growing plants to avoid frequent pruning to keep them in shape.

5. Most shrubs can grow in both sun and shade. Flowering shrubs tend to need more sun to bloom.

6. Plant accordingly. Remember, they grow wider and taller.